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How To Save Money for Your Backpacking Adventure
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How To Save Money For Your Backpacking Adventure

Hey, fellow traveler! Just a heads up, you may find affiliate links in here for programs/products that I'm diggin' right now which means I get a commission for purchases made through these links. But don't worry, I only recommend things to you that I love & use myself!

Saving money for a big trip can be very stressful but with a few lifestyle changes, it can make a big difference to your overall budget. By implementing a budget plan, it will allow you to have enough money for things that are important to you without calling on ‘the bank of Mam and Dad’. What it all comes down to though is hard work, commitment, and sacrifice which is all worth it when your living the dream and making new memories. Below are my top tips that I used to save for my trip to Australia & South East Asia that you can implement so that you’re prepared for your upcoming adventure.


Set a timeline and budget and stick to it

This is your overall goal, this is what you are working towards, realistically depending on your trip you want to budget at least 6 months if not a year in advance. Make a list of all your travel expenses, this includes transport, accommodation, food and drink, travel insurance, visa’s and leave room for traveling activities and tours.


Open a savings account

This is your travel fund! I found it easier to set up a standing order straight into my savings account so I wouldn’t even realize the money was going out after a couple of weeks.


Prioritize your needs/wants 

This particular point was crucial to my budget and one of the hardest, as it took so much willpower to stick to it. 

Make two lists, one for all your needs (food, rent/bills) and your wants (coffee, takeaway, new clothes). Everyone has different priorities so make sure you are clear about them.


Download a budgeting app

This will make it so much easier to see where your expenses are going & easier to track. If I planned my weekly expenses, I tend to stick to it more and kept my focus on my money goals. Once you have your expenses broken down in front of you, it really does hit home on where your money is actually going so by doing this you’ll have full control over your money and it will avoid you buying unnecessary shit.

These are some of my favorites;

Trabee Pocket


Cut out Coffee, Alcohol & Cigarettes

You’ll be surprised how much I actually saved by practically eliminating these three products from my daily life. Think about how much healthier you’ll be in the long run. If you add up on average how much you spend on these things, it will definitely motivation to cut them out of your budget. Mine was obviously a big chunk!


Hair & make-up & beauty products

This is mainly aiming at all you lovely ladies but made a HUGE difference, cutting out on all the branded make-up and using a do yourself box dye. Think about it; do you really need a spray tan every time you go out? It’s all about sacrifice!



Obviously, nobody expects you to become a hermit for months on end but you have to learn to say NO! Instead of wasting money on going to clubs or to the movies, invite your mates over & get creative with your nights in.

  • Host your own come dine with me
  • Have a games night- relive your childhood with some classic board games
  • Host a Movie Marathon or in my case a Disney Marathon (I am the biggest Disney geek)
  • Participate in a half marathon, recruit your friends & you’ll have an excuse to train together. Not only will it keep you fit & healthy it’ll stop you from binge eating & cut down on things that are not good for you (alcohol/cigarettes) again helping you save money.


Pre-drink & take cash

If you are going on a night out (don’t forget to pre-drink to save money) then only take cash out with you. Strictly, no emergency card for a cheeky round of jaeger bombs at 1 in the morning! I am definitely a culprit of doing that and I ended up spending half the amount I would usually spend.


Quit the gym or memberships/subscription

In the long run, this will save you a big chunk especially when there are alternative options to exercise that don’t cost money & how often do you really use Netflix? The internet is great for fitness routines and running costs absolutely nothing to get that body in tip-top shape.


Get a part-time job/side hustle 

This is a great way to boost your income! I picked up shifts at a local bar & put the money I made from that particular job straight to food and bills each month. Side-hustles can be a lucrative source of income so evaluate your skillset and whether you can get creative, teach/coach or work online, it is the perfect way to boost your income and motivate you towards your goals. Check out my travel resource page for more resources on working online.


Cook More

Swap from all your branded products & get yourself down to Aldi & Lidl’s (you’ll thank me in the long run) stop eating out & get creative with your meals (theme nights) I used to go and raid the reduce section and there were definitely some bargains that got me excited. Say goodbye to those takeaways and get prepping your meals. This made a huge difference to my budget, it may require a bit more effort than popping into the shop for a sandwich but once you get into a routine, you’ll have your end goal in mind.


Learn an online skill

It might be worthwhile to learn an online skill to boost that travel fund when you are on your trip. So many travelers fund their lifestyle this way & there are numerous ways by freelancing in affiliate marketing, blogging, consulting and this will benefit you for life. I got started by freelancing and becoming a virtual assistant. 


Sell your crap

You would not believe how much clothes I have in my wardrobes that have gone out of fashion & I will definitely not wear again, so with that said I had a massive sort out and did numerous car boot sales along with my teddy bear collection which made me a good bit of dollar. I am a complete hoarder, but by doing this not only are you getting rid of your unwanted junk- but you’re also freeing up much-needed space & making a profit.


Do a money challenge!

I did the penny and the 52-week money challenge & it really helps to get in the habit of saving and kept my focus on my overall goals.

Overall, these simple methods will enable you to enjoy your trip and not miss out on the once in a lifetime experiences. You don’t want to look back on a trip and wish you had done certain activities/tours etc because you didn’t have the will-power to save that little bit extra and miss out in creating lifelong memories.

It’s all about focusing on the bigger picture.

Do you have any money-saving tips/advice to share? I’d love to hear them!

Safe Travels!

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