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About me


You found my blog, which means we already have something in common..TRAVEL!

My Hobby, My Love, My Passion!

I’m Aimee, a wanderlust enthusiast born and bred in the South Wales valleys, UK. I’m easy-going, adventurous yet impulsive, with a sarcastic sense of humor. I live in my own little carefree bubble. I enjoy seeing what the world has to offer, living life to the max and impulsively taking random trips, meeting some first-class characters from all around the globe.

Wanderlust Welshie is dedicated to giving you the best travel tips, resources and adventures to encourage and inspire people to travel more and create their own life experiences. So, if your passionate about traveling, up for random adventures, then you will feel right at home here.

So, where did I get my desire to travel from?

I had my first proper taste of travel life, when I did my food and beverage internship in South Carolina, having the opportunity to travel around America and experience their warm hospitality and culture. After this experience, I was bitten by the ‘travel bug’ and although I had itchy feet I had to go back to university to finish my Hospitality and Tourism degree. I knew I had to plan my next adventure and once I had finished my degree, I had packed my bag & was on a one-way ticket to work in Australia. That’s when I really found my love for traveling which gave me a completely new perspective of life, stepping out of my comfort zone.

Back to ‘reality’

On returning, I got back into ‘the real working world’ and after working endless unsociable hours within the hospitality sector, I quickly come to realize that I was doing more work than actually living. So I quit, and embarked on my first solo South East Asia adventure and embraced the unknown. And what a life-changing adventure it was. Now I’m embarking on my greatest adventure yet of becoming a digital nomad, and a search for the perfect balance of work and travel. 

Growing up we are expected to follow society, settle down & have a family, successful career, get a mortgage ect but I believe that life is a journey and we are all meant to discover our own paths rather than adhere to the social norms of our society. From living the island life working in America, Australia, and Indonesia to my solo trips around South East Asia and Central America, It has only fuelled my desire to travel, and by no means am I ready to slow down anytime soon.

I invite you to join me on my journey, sharing my real-life experiences as I continue to embark on fulfilling my forever growing bucket list of travel and adventure that will hopefully inspire the wanderlust in you.